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Stepping Forward

It has been a little over a month since I last updated on here, and since the last post, I can say that we’ve had some pretty major forward movement since then. Del Campo Plumbing took care of our low flowing toilet issue with speed and professionalism and since then, we have the most powerful toilets on the block. Or at least I would like to think so. We have also begin our hunt for a place in Coventry, so things have been progressing pretty well. We have been showing the home more often, and finding now that we have more interest than ever. This has us looking forward to the next major steps to come. Once the home finally comes off the market and into the hands of new owners, we can afford a down payment on a place in Coventry and really get the ball rolling.

It has kind of opened my eyes though to the issues that have been slowly plaguing my house that I probably wouldn’t have noticed before. Take the toilet for instance. I always just assumed that the issue was something in the water pressure, or something to that effect, and without actually taking a look into the inner workings, never would have realized that it was an issue that would have been a major fix later on, and one that would have cost me a lot of money if dealing with on our own. Since showing the home, there have been other minor things that have popped up, and we have now moved towards taking the approach of, take care of it now, so the new homeowner doesn’t have to, and as well it leads to having a better resume, so to speak, for our home, of all the new and perfectly working items.

For instance, we are also grateful that Del Campo offers water heater repair as the one in the home was nearing the end of it’s shelf life. Another thing that I never would have known if not for looking deeper into the item. It wasn’t that the water heater was bad, it was simply outdated. With so many new models and styles, and energy saving units on the market now, it was high time to look into finally replacing it. Sure it was another investment that we’re gambling on making a return for, but at this point, we want to be as thorough as possible.

This final section seems to be the last major item that we need to work on, and then the home will be in tip top shape, and with the amount of interest we’ve garnered on the location, we’re hoping that this will give us the means to have a competitive price on my home, giving us the ability to put money down on a nicer place in Coventry. As with anything in life, you get back what you put in, and that’s the approach we’re taking with the sale of my home, so wish us luck!

Step 1.5

I’ve learned to accept the unexpected over the years. It’s not often that things play out exactly how we plan them to. This current hiccup is just another example of that. When I called in my plumber to look at a few problems around the house, we discovered that the issues were much more serious than they seemed at first glance. Namely, the toilet with low flushing power was actually indicative of a plumbing issue that couldn’t simply be fixed with a plunger or even a fixture replacement. That is unfortunate news for my renovation budget, but I’m well aware it could also have been much worse. Either way, I’m glad we unearthed this problem before my bathroom flooded with backed up sewage.

I’ll have to spend more on plumbing repairs than I initially thought, which means that I will have to scratch off one or two other planned updates to the house. It shouldn’t be too difficult to eliminate a few superfluous items from the list. I had come up with quite a few things to do, and I knew it would really be pushing the budget to get it all done anyways. I should still have enough money left after repairs to take care of any important tasks remaining. My main priorities are the flooring and landscaping, as these areas can drastically improve the overall appeal of my home to buyers. Everything else should be acceptable as is. I don’t suspect there are any real issues with the foundation, electrical, roof, or other crucial parts of the home. At least, here’s to hoping that no more unexpected surprises turn up because that will really throw a wrench into things.

The takeaway from this post and the previous should be to do your due diligence as a home seller. Not only do you gain the satisfaction of knowing that you will be providing the next person to own your house with a great start to a happy life in a safe and comfortable home, but you will also avoid many potential headaches during and after the transaction. Inspections will inevitably bring any issues to light. Rather than waiting for that to happen and delaying the close of the sale, it can work in your favor to take a proactive approach to resolving issues before you list. Furthermore, lawsuits can arise from failure to disclose major problems with your home, including electrical or plumbing issues. While it may be the case that you genuinely had no prior knowledge of the issues, a lawsuit can still cost you time and money even if you come out on top.

These are only a few of the reasons why it is worth it to give your trusted plumber or electrician a call if you are planning to sell your house, and suspect there may be some problems that can hinder the sale, force the price of your home down, or cause other issues.

Step 1

For most couples, buying a home together is the obvious first step they take upon getting married. Our situation is a little bit different, however. With our sights set on moving to Coventry in the near future, it doesn’t make sense for us to tie ourselves down with a house for the time being. I currently own a modest house that has served as a wonderful bachelor pad for the past several years, while my fiance rents an apartment across town. Neither of us were interested in moving in together until after the wedding. We both enjoyed having our own space and living independently, and didn’t want things complicated by cohabitation.

Of course, once we are married that will change, and it’s something we are both absolutely looking forward to. But after much discussion, we decided neither of our current homes were suitable for starting a new life together in. Her apartment is much too small for our needs, and my house is too far from her work to be a practical option. Again, it doesn’t make much sense to invest money into buying a new home we do not intend to stay in for very long so the obvious choice here was to find a place to rent.

This means that I will need to put my home up on the market. It will be my first time as a seller, and I’ll admit that’s a bit nerve wracking. Many questions cross my mind: Will anyone want to buy my house? How much should I be selling for? What can I do to maximize the value and appeal of my property? Luckily I have a few friends in real estate who have offered me some useful advice.

The first thing I know I need to do is get my house in tip top shape. That means addressing some minor issues I’ve been ignoring for the past while. Things such as drippy faucets and a weak-flushing toilet need to be the first to go. While they’ve only been a mild annoyance to me, they could potentially drive away serious buyers who want a home that is move-in ready. I don’t expect these issues will cost me very much to fix so I feel it’s worthwhile to take care of them before I list.

In the past, I’ve called www.delcampoplumbingandheating.com for help with various plumbing problems, and they were always fast, professional, and helpful. Every experience with them has been nothing but positive so I’m looking forward to working with them again because I know they can help me get these issues resolved. I cannot stress the importance of finding reliable contractors as a homeowner. Having a handy list of companies you know you can call when you’re in a bind will save you a lot of headaches. I’m fully confident that a few fixes around the house will make a big difference when I go to sell.

Setting the Stage

Growing up in Coventry, England is one of the things I have always appreciated and been proud to declare about myself. While I only lived there up until I was 15, I still have many memories about the beautiful, historical landscape I spent my formative years in. No place since then has ever quite felt as much like home to me. Even though it has been many years since I last called myself a British citizen, my heart has always yearned to one day return to the place of my birth. It is difficult for me to picture starting a family anywhere else, knowing how impactful and positive of an effect Coventry had on me as a person. It is something I want my own children to be able to experience as part of retaining a piece of my heritage, and by extension, theirs.

As I sit here in the midst of moving, planning a wedding, and mapping out my future, the thought of moving back to Coventry has crossed my mind again. I know how quickly time can fly, and any day now I will be expecting my first child. I don’t want to wait until the last possible minute to start planning for something that I have spent much of my adult life fully intending to do. My wife is already on board with the idea, which is arguably the biggest obstacle to overcome when it comes to a life changing decision like this. The rest should be a breeze by comparison.

I am maintaining a blog to help keep myself focused on my goal during all of this chaos. I understand all too well how I tend to go with the flow, and I know that it will be easy for me to get sidetracked or overwhelmed with so much going on in such a short span of time. For the most part, this has never proven to be a major problem, but in this case I know it will prevent me from being able to return to England before the birth of my first child. All in all, this isn’t the worst case scenario, however, it would be disappointing. This is one of the very few things in life I have my heart set on, and even though it would be just as easy to move at any other time, I really want to be able to say that my son or daughter is a Coventry kid.

This blog will chronicle many of the major milestones I will be crossing over the next few months, as well as lay out my plans for my move back to Coventry. Anyone who has ever felt a calling towards one particular place where they know without a doubt that they belong will be able to relate to what I am going to be sharing with you. It’s a singular drive that keeps you feeling off balance until you are where you want to be. I hope I am able to make my dreams a reality, and inspire you to do the same.