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Stepping Forward

It has been a little over a month since I last updated on here, and since the last post, I can say that we’ve had some pretty major forward movement since then. Del Campo Plumbing took care of… Read More

Step 1.5

I’ve learned to accept the unexpected over the years. It’s not often that things play out exactly how we plan them to. This current hiccup is just another example of that. When I called in my plumber to… Read More

Step 1

For most couples, buying a home together is the obvious first step they take upon getting married. Our situation is a little bit different, however. With our sights set on moving to Coventry in the near future, it… Read More

Setting the Stage

Growing up in Coventry, England is one of the things I have always appreciated and been proud to declare about myself. While I only lived there up until I was 15, I still have many memories about the… Read More