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Step 1.5

I’ve learned to accept the unexpected over the years. It’s not often that things play out exactly how we plan them to. This current hiccup is just another example of that. When I called in my plumber to look at a few problems around the house, we discovered that the issues were much more serious than they seemed at first glance. Namely, the toilet with low flushing power was actually indicative of a plumbing issue that couldn’t simply be fixed with a plunger or even a fixture replacement. That is unfortunate news for my renovation budget, but I’m well aware it could also have been much worse. Either way, I’m glad we unearthed this problem before my bathroom flooded with backed up sewage.

I’ll have to spend more on plumbing repairs than I initially thought, which means that I will have to scratch off one or two other planned updates to the house. It shouldn’t be too difficult to eliminate a few superfluous items from the list. I had come up with quite a few things to do, and I knew it would really be pushing the budget to get it all done anyways. I should still have enough money left after repairs to take care of any important tasks remaining. My main priorities are the flooring and landscaping, as these areas can drastically improve the overall appeal of my home to buyers. Everything else should be acceptable as is. I don’t suspect there are any real issues with the foundation, electrical, roof, or other crucial parts of the home. At least, here’s to hoping that no more unexpected surprises turn up because that will really throw a wrench into things.

The takeaway from this post and the previous should be to do your due diligence as a home seller. Not only do you gain the satisfaction of knowing that you will be providing the next person to own your house with a great start to a happy life in a safe and comfortable home, but you will also avoid many potential headaches during and after the transaction. Inspections will inevitably bring any issues to light. Rather than waiting for that to happen and delaying the close of the sale, it can work in your favor to take a proactive approach to resolving issues before you list. Furthermore, lawsuits can arise from failure to disclose major problems with your home, including electrical or plumbing issues. While it may be the case that you genuinely had no prior knowledge of the issues, a lawsuit can still cost you time and money even if you come out on top.

These are only a few of the reasons why it is worth it to give your trusted plumber or electrician a call if you are planning to sell your house, and suspect there may be some problems that can hinder the sale, force the price of your home down, or cause other issues.